The Department For Transport has updated the guidance on ATS during this current lockdown period and this is provided below:

Pilots resuming GA activity should be aware that air traffic services are still limited. NATS is trying to reduce non-essential activities, including services to GA. This is to ensure the resilience of the critical air traffic management services, while complying with current guidance by not having more people on site than necessary.

While most GA activity occurs outside of controlled airspace, and therefore does not involve NATS, pilots should therefore be aware of the strain their activity places on other essential services.

Lower airspace radar services are also offered on an ‘as and when possible’ basis which means they can be turned off if necessary.

Similarly, access to Class D could also be simply refused by the relevant air navigation service provider if it has to prioritise other airspace users. The CAA have published further information about short term changes to help Air Traffic Control return to service.