Save up to 40% on helicopter self-fly hire rates with ICE Helicopters at Elstree Aerodrome.

How does it work?

We normally release last minute deals 48 hours ahead of time so sign up to be kept informed of availability, please remember that the special deals are popular and get booked up quickly.

The only conditions that apply are that you have not cancelled a booking for the same day within 48 hours of accessing the special deal, and that you are ‘current’ or have been checked out by a flight instructor within 28 days.

Saving up to 40% on the Self Fly Hire of a Robinson R44 and Guimbal Cabri G2 Self Fly Hire is a great way to make trips farther afield such as Elstree to Sandown on the Isle of Wight or even just to try the London Heli-Lanes and enjoy the views.

If you want an experienced pilot to join you, we have a whole community of ATPL and CPL rated pilots  that are either happy to cost share or just come along and reduce the workload by helping with the radio and navigation to make the day as much fun as possible.

To be kept informed of last minute deals, register using the form above for the Self-Fly Hire Special.

About ICE Helicopters

Elstree Aerodrome (EGTR) and North London Heliport are minutes from the M1 & M25 and ICE Helicopters have members from local fields such as Denham, Stapleford, Wycombe, North Weald and those further afield like Nottingham, Leicester and Cambridge.

Our brand new R44 Cadet is a perfect helicopter to Self-Fly Hire with its huge luggage area and fast cruise speed. With a great range it means that you can take a weekend away with luggage and golf clubs and still not have to worry about refuelling for locations that are even 100 miles each way.

The R66 Rolls-Royce Turbine Powered Helicopter has an incredible range of over 5 hours meaning that you can fly from London Elstree to the Lake District and back without the need to stop and refuel; it is also ideal for longer trips around Scotland where fuel on the West Coast is limited. Best of all the Robinson R66 has a full Garmin G500H touch-screen suite and HeliSAS autopilot for added safety and convenience. Just load the route from your Skydemon or Garmin Pilot app and your workload is dramatically decreased.

Self Fly Hire with ICE Helicopters is acknowledged as the best place to hire the newest and widest range of Robinson self-fly hire as well as Cabri G2 and MD520 self fly hire.