We’re announcing the first ever fixed-price helicopter licence!

We are bringing an end to the unknown cost of acquiring a helicopter pilot licence. As part of our commitment to improving the UK helicopter flight training process, we’re confident in believing that after passing our selection process and being accepted onto the course, we can train you to achieve a Helicopter Private Pilot Licence (PPL(H)) for a fixed cost – no matter how many hours you need. Guaranteed.

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Helicopter Types

We provide Fixed Price PPL(H) training on the Robinson R22 & Robinson R44, but we’ll also give you exposure of other types, including turbine, throughout your training as part of the package to enhance your learning experience.

Once you have qualified, we can provide additional type rating training to expand the types that you can fly – such as learning to fly the Robinson R66 or MD520. You can pre-book type ratings as part of the Fixed Price PPL(H) for a reduced rate.

Everything Included

  • Flight hours as required to achieve your PPL(H);
  • All nine ground theory exams;
  • Ground school for each exam;
  • Radiotelephony licence;
  • Flight equipment bag & equipment;
  • Landing & circuit fees;
  • Class 2 medical;
  • Skill test examiner fee.

Requirements and Course Information

The course you will follow is the UK PPL(H) on the Robinson R22 or Robinson R44 which requires a minimum of 45 hours of flying training to be completed. At least 10 hours must be flown solo. At the end of the course there will be a flight skill test with a CAA approved examiner.

To enrol on the course, we welcome you in for a chat with the team so we can meet you and find out what your aspirations are as a future pilot. You will then have a trial helicopter lesson, where we will assess your basic flying skills before taking a short pilot aptitude test. Once accepted, you’ll be ready to get going!

Written Exams
There are 9 written ground examinations with multiple choice answers, and one radio practical exam.

At the beginning of the course you will complete Aviation Law as this is a requirement before your first solo flight; Navigation & Meteorology must be completed before the qualifying solo cross-country flight. We therefore recommend you study for the ground exams in conjunction with your flying training. Extra ground school on any subject is available from our instructors; this is optional and must be booked and paid for in addition to your Fixed Price PPL course.

These exams can be passed with self-study and assistance from your flying instructor. GCSEs or A-Levels are not a requirement for the course, however a basic understanding of maths and physics is advisable. The subjects are:

  • Air Law
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Communications
  • Principles of Flight
  • Operational Procedures
  • Flight Performance & Planning
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Navigation

Medical Information
You do not need a medical to begin your flight training, but as this is a fixed-price course we strongly recommend obtaining it as early as possible. Provided you are in good health, this should be nothing for you to worry about and a Class II medical can be obtained locally from an Authorised Medical Examiner (AME).

If you intend to make a career from helicopter flying, it may be advisable to obtain a slightly more restrictive Class I medical at this stage as it would be required for becoming a commercial pilot.

Licence Skills Test
Upon completion of your PPL training you will take a Skills Test with a CAA approved examiner. Your flying at this stage will be to a standard to enable you to demonstrate to the examiner that you can fly safely and competently. The Skills Test consists of flying the manoeuvres and demonstrating the techniques that you have learnt throughout the PPL(H) course.

Once you have achieved your licence you will need to fly just two hours per aircraft type, which includes a brief test, per year in order stay current.

Common Questions

How often will I fly?
Continuity and dedication is key; the aim is to complete your PPL(H) course on a full-time basis within approximately 6 months, extended to a maximum of 9 months for any weather/technical related delays.

How do lessons work?
Lessons are normally scheduled in two hour slots, which include the flight, pre and post flight briefings and start-up and shut-down procedures.
During each day we complete a mixture of flying training and theoretical knowledge study, carefully structured for the maximum learning potential.

What else is needed?
All of the necessary books, maps and equipment that are required for the ground school and navigation exercises will be provided by ICE.

What about the weather?
All flying is subject to current conditions – if it’s unsuitable, we will contact you immediately to re-schedule your flight.

Where can I land using my PPL?
The beauty of a helicopter is being able to land in places which other aircraft aren’t able to get to, such as hotels and restaurants (most do not have runways!). With a PPL(H), you can land anywhere that you have landowners’ permission for as long as it complies with various aviation law regulations that you are taught throughout your training.

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