With advancements in lightweight, cost effective and more accurate technology, improved modern equipment is being made available to the helicopter market which was previously only reserved for fixed-wing aircraft.
We believe it’s important to stay on top of the latest that’s out there as it’s paving the way for the future of helicopter flying.
Our Robinson R66 is kitted out with the newest Garmin touchscreen multi-function display, the G500H TXi.

Our G500H has the following useful features:

​- Fully linked with HeliSAS autopilot
– Obstacle avoidance;
– Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System;
– GPS navigation with SafeTaxi & charts;
– Traffic Awareness System;
– Mapping on HSI;
– Links with apps on our provided iPad;
– Fully touchscreen display.

We provide tailored training to get you familiar and comfortable with the features of this amazing system.