The Genesys HeliSAS is a huge advancement in small helicopter autopilot systems. The incredibly intuitive design makes it simple to operate and enormously reduces pilot workload, especially on longer or more challenging flights.
Our Robinson R66 is kitted out with the newest HeliSAS autopilot which is also linked to the Garmin G500H.

The HeliSAS operates 2-axis, in parallel to the cyclic, and uses it to control heading and attitude to maintain a variety of user set parameters. The system provides altitude hold, heading hold, NAV hold (GPS or VOR) and will also follow an ILS or LPV glideslope.
When not providing autopilot functions, the system will be engaged in basic SAS (Stability Augmentation System) mode to hold the selected attitude. In any mode, it can be overridden easily to provide manual inputs and alterations or switched off completely and can be re-engaged at any point.

It can take a couple of hours to get used to flying a SAS-equipped helicopter, especially if you have a lot of experience on Robinson aircraft with their notorious light & sensitive cyclic.
Our training begins with general familiarisation, before moving on to learning about how to use each mode safely and the airmanship which comes with it. We also look at recovery from unusual attitudes and dealing with malfunctions.