To fly different kinds of helicopter, you require a ‘type rating’ for each specific type on your licence. In order to keep your type rating valid you must also complete a ‘proficiency check’ (PC) each year with an examiner.

The Cabri G2 is the latest generation two-seat training helicopter that incorporates all the latest manufacturing materials and design technology to improve flight safety and deliver an incredibly stable ride, making it perfect for learning to fly. The cockpit is spacious, with digital cockpit screens and a touch-screen GPS. The aircraft will comfortably cruise at 80kt (with a max speed of 130kt) boasting good fuel efficiency and a considerable sized baggage bay along with its 170 litre fuel tank.

Helicopter Details

Maximum Speed: 130kt
Cruise Speed: 80kt
Max Take-Off Weight: 700kg
Engine: Lycoming O-360-J2A

Course Details

The type rating is usually conducted on a full-time basis and must be completed within 6 months of starting your training. After completing the course, there is a practical flying test with a CAA approved examiner to assess your competence at handling the aircraft.

Your instructor will ensure that you complete all the required flight training. Our objective is simple – to ensure that you are ready to fly the new helicopter type safely and with confidence.

Duration: 5 hours
Knowledge Exam: None

Regulatory Information: Cabri G2 EASA OSD