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Focussed On YoU

We pride ourself on the experience and honesty of our team, tailoring training sessions to your individual experience and flying goals.

Choosing a helicopter flight school is a decision not to be taken lightly, and can greatly influence your future life of flying; we want to ensure that you enjoy every minute of your flight training with us.

Our Helicopter Courses

Private Pilot Licence (H)

Min. Course Time: 45 hrs

Becoming a helicopter pilot starts with gaining a PPL(H). It is an exciting course where you will be professionally taught all aspects of flying a helicopter, everything from the art of hovering to landing in confined areas.

G2 | R44 | R66


Helicopter Type Ratings

Min. Course Time: 3-5 hrs

Each type of helicopter has its own unique flying characteristics. Type ratings are required on your licence to fly each type and the courses familiarise you with the differences in aerodynamics, mechanics, operation and performance.

G2 | R44 | R66


G500H TXi

& HeliSAS

Course Time: Personalised

Keeping up to date with the latest and greatest is not an easy task for the busy pilot. Enhance your training with our R66, equipped with the touchscreen Garmin G500H and the advanced HeliSAS autopilot system.


Where To Begin?

Becoming a pilot is one of the most exciting hobbies and can be an extremely rewarding career. Our instructors are always happy to chat about anything to do with helicopter training courses, offering our friendly help and advice anywhere we can.

To get a taste of what flying a helicopter is like, we offer a selection of fun and exciting trial lessons, perfect for budding enthusiasts, gifts or special occasions.

For some, a trial lesson is a one-off experience, for others it's a foundation upon which to build on and learn to fly. For all, it is truly memorable!

The choice of helicopter is yours; we have a 2-seater Cabri G2, 4-seater Robinson R44 or MD520N and 5-seater R66 available for training. We use some of the world's most popular training helicopters which we're fond of for their high reliability, safety and great performance. The R22 has been the most popular training helicopter for decades, it's very reliable and cost effective. Recently the Cabri G2 has entered the market, boasting digital cockpit displays and automatic engine management, it has modernised a lot of aspects of the R22 to deliver more 21st Century training.

The R44 has been popular worldwide since the 90s and uses a piston engine to deliver power, whereas the R66 has built on existing proven design and added an all-new jet turbine engine as it's source of power.

Trial Lessons

Flight Times: 30 mins to 1 hour

A trial helicopter lesson gives you a great experience of what flying is like - you will spend time in the local Hertfordshire area as well as learning to hover when you return to the airfield.

G2 | R44 | R66

Helicopter Types:


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