In order to fly a helicopter during times classed as “official night,” you require additional training to obtain a night rating which will allow this.

The course is designed to re-familiarise you with basic instrument flying, as well as teaching you all the skills required to fly safely at night time.

Pre-Entry Requirements

Before commencing a course for the night rating, a pilot must:

(a) Hold a PPL(H) issued in accordance with Part-FCL
(b) Hold a valid medical certificate issued in accordance with Part-MED
(c) Have completed at least 100 hours of flight time as a pilot in helicopters after issue of the licence, including at least 60 hours as PIC on helicopters and 20 hours of cross-country flight.

Course Details and Duration

The night rating is usually conducted through winter months when official night occurs earlier, and the course must be carried out from a licensed aerodrome.
Elstree is usually licensed mid-week although arrangements can be made outside of these times to suit your schedule.

Day Simulated IMC: 10 hours (this will equate to about 12 hours flying time)
Night Dual: 4.5 hours
Night Cross Country: 1 hour
Night Solo: 5 circuits (approx. 30 minutes)

An applicant who holds or has held an IR in an aeroplane or TMG shall be credited with 5 hours of instrument flight instruction.

Your instructor will ensure that you complete all the required flight training and our objective is simple – to ensure that you are ready to fly at night safely and with confidence.

Knowledge Exam: None
Flight Test: None