For our PPL skill tests as well as annual Licence Proficiency Checks (PCs), ICE Helicopters has experienced in-house flight examiners as well as hand-picked external examiners available at a time convenient to you.

A proficiency check must be taken annually to maintain currency of your helicopter type rating. At ICE Helicopters our CAA authorised examiners can provide you with a renewal or revalidation up to 3 months prior to your expiry date for the Cabri G2, MD520, Robinson R22, R44 & R66.

​The requirement for revalidation (provided the rating is current) is to have flown two hours in the previous 12 months (including the PC which typically lasts around 40 minutes).
If the rating has lapsed and is no longer current, then two hours must have been completed in the previous 12 months before the PC can be taken, subject to being signed off by one of our instructors or examiners. If you haven’t managed to log the full two hours, then one of our pilots will be pleased to fly with you and complete some pre-test refresher training.

We are available to conduct PCs 7 days a week, and for type ratings which have expired by more than five years we can arrange a course of training to bring you up to the standard required. In this case the type exam (multiple choice) may also need to be taken, applicable per type.

To discuss your requirements or to book then please do not hesitate to contact us.