Flight Training: Focused on You

We pride ourself on the experience and honesty of our team, tailoring training sessions to your individual experience and flying goals.

Choosing a helicopter flight school is a decision not to be taken lightly, and can greatly influence your future life of flying; we want to ensure that you enjoy every minute of your flight training with us.

One of the first questions we are asked is what does it cost to learn to fly a helicopter?

That is just one of the many things to think about and so we have created a ‘Top Ten Tips’ on getting your Private Pilot Licence for a Helicopter – this licence is known as a PPL(H).

Before that though let’s look at a few key points.

The CAA require a minimum flight time of 45 training hours before a licence can be issued, the important word is “minimum” though and the national average is about 65 hours, some much less and some many more; everyone learns at a different pace and no two people progress with their helicopter training at the same pace.

What’s critically important is that you learn to fly as a safe pilot who understands the helicopter and what it can do, is confident, but appreciates personal limitations and makes good decisions at all times. If it takes you 65 or 75 hours it makes no real difference as long as when you take your test you are a good pilot that knows it is the start of an amazing experience as a private pilot with a helicopter licence.

So have a look at our Top Tips, learn more about trial lesson options or make a booking now.

The experiences and courses we currently have available at ICE Helicopters, Elstree, are:

Trial Lessons

Private Pilot Licence (Helicopter)

Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (Helicopter)

LAPL(H) to PPL(H) Extension Course

Night Rating

Cabri G2 Type Rating

Robinson R44 Type Rating

Robinson R66 Type Rating

MD520 N Type Rating

Robinson R22 Type Rating

Turbine Rating

More information about our advanced fleet of helicopters is below, and please get in touch with the team to book in a flight!


Trial Lessons

Take to the air in a 2-seat Cabri G2 or 4-seat Robinson R44 helicopter for a thrilling ‘hands-on’ flying experience!


Gaining your helicopter PPL is an incredibly rewarding experience which gives you the freedom to take to the skies!


The LAPL(H) is an alternative to the PPL(H) with less training requirements but more restrictions.

LAPL to PPL Extension Course

An extension course can extend the privileges of your LAPL(H) to become a PPL(H).

Night Rating

In order to fly a helicopter during times classed as “official night,” you require additional training to obtain a night rating which will allow this.

Turbine Rating

Whether you are progressing through the career of being a pilot or just wishing to learn to fly a new type of aircraft, ICE are pleased to offer turbine training on the R66 and MD520N.