Whether you are progressing through the career of being a pilot or just wishing to learn to fly a new type of aircraft, ICE are pleased to offer turbine training on the R66 and MD520N.

The vast majority of commercial helicopter operations use larger turbine powered helicopters, such as tours, aerial filming, corporate and air ambulance. These engines can deliver a much higher thrust-to-weight ratio, and are more suited to operating at high altitudes. Turbine helicopters still fly the same as piston helicopters, however to start-up and manage the engine is very different and if carried out incorrectly, could lead to a huge amount of engine damage.

Our turbine rating courses are CAA Approved and comprehensively planned & designed to enable you to get to grips with the differences of a turbine engine whilst also learning to safety fly the aircraft.

If you are already a pilot and would like to have a go in the R66 or MD520, we can offer a 1 hour experience flight which will give you a taste of flying a more powerful turbine aircraft and can count towards your type rating should you wish to continue.

Minimum Flight Times

Robinson R66

Initial Turbine: 5 hours
Additional Turbine (without R22/R44 rating): 4 hours
Additional Turbine (with R22/R44 rating): 3 hours


Initial Turbine: 5 hours