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ICE Helicopters Operational Plans During Lockdown 2

Many of you will be asking what the impact of the recently announced lockdown will have on our operations at ICE Helicopters. We endorse and will work according to the following flying guidance that was published by a third party which is broken down into 5 categories:

Owners- You can fly your own machine with members of your household or alone.

Students- You can train, you can do type ratings and PC’s and skill tests.

Hour Building – If it is towards a specific skill goal such as a CPL or FI then you can do this either solo or with a member of your household (or indeed an instructor) but it cannot be that you just want to get some extra hours for general experience.

Self-fly hire- This is unlikely to be allowed unless it is to move goods or people that are defined as essential or solo for the repositioning of machines for essential maintenance.

Leisure Flying- Planning a sortie to the pub for lunch which we clearly enjoy, is not in the spirit of “the less prohibitive measures” that Boris announced on Saturday so to protect the community we will not be allowing self-fly hire for pleasure flying.

Ground Training:

We will use the next four weeks to get as many people as we can though Ground School, to get type ratings finished and to continue progressing the training of our PPL’s whilst continuing to take the precautions that we have already implemented with no reported cases of COVID amongst our students or colleagues.

We plan to operate according to the above until restrictions are again eased and we hope to continue to welcome you all at ICE Helicopters over the next month and beyond.