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Press Release: R44 Cadet Added to ICE Helicopters Training Fleet

Further Investment in Helicopter Training Fleet

ELSTREE, Herts., Sep. 7, 2020 – ICE Helicopters, the leading North London based Helicopter Pilot training provider, has announced further investment in its Ab-Initio training fleet, with the delivery of the first of its planned three Robinson R44 Cadet helicopters.

Robinson built the ‘Cadet’ primarily for training, with customers such as ICE Helicopters asking for a machine that had lower operating costs than the R44, but greater capability than the much smaller and lighter R22.

About ICE Helicopters

ICE Helicopters operates from a self-contained office, training and hangar facility at Elstree Aerodrome (EGTR). Situated minutes from the M1 and M25, Elstree is the most convenient heliport for London, with optimal facilities for both training and commercial operators requiring FBO services for flights into Battersea.

With a growing fleet of helicopters ranging from the two seater R22 and Cabri G2,  up to the Turbine powered R66 and MD520, ICE Helicopters has the most diverse Ab-Initio training fleet in the UK and are the only school to offer a Fixed Price, all inclusive Helicopter Licence.

Commenting on the choice of the R44 Cadet as the helicopter of choice for future students, Neil Day, Head of Training said. “We already operate the R22, R44 and R66 amongst our fleet, so it made sense to stay with the Robinson Helicopter Company and utilise what is the most effective training aircraft, built on the successful platform of the world’s best-selling R44 helicopter. ICE have a clear focus on training the next generation of safety focussed pilots, whether that be for pleasure or as a career; so investment in ‘best in class’ training assets is the key to our success and that of our students.”

Head of Operations, Harriet Hudson-Rawlings said “We have developed a wonderful community of students here at ICE Helicopters and they have asked for an economical pathway to fly bigger helicopters, without needing additional and costly flight ratings and fundamentally different flight characteristics. By learning on the R44 Cadet, qualified pilots are then able to fly the whole range of R44 helicopters, meaning they will find the transition to the Rolls Royce power R66 Turbine powered helicopter far more straightforward, than doing so from other training helicopters.”

Robinson Helicopter Company History

Robinson Helicopter Company was founded in 1973 by Frank Robinson, whose vision was to produce the world’s highest quality, most reliable helicopters in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

Today, the company’s top sellers are its R44 and R66 helicopters, respectively. Both models are offered in a variety of configurations including float, news and police versions. The most recent addition to Robinson’s line is the R44 Cadet, a two-place R44 specifically designed for the training market.

To date, Robinson Helicopter Company has delivered over 12,000 helicopters worldwide.