ICE Helicopters is situated only 10 minutes flying time away from the heart of London, making us perfectly located to offer training on one of the best routes a helicopter pilot can fly!

The London Helicopter Routes are defined flight paths which enable single engined helicopters to safely navigate over the most congested and built up area in the UK. All of the helicopter routes are situated within Heathrow’s Class D airspace, therefore two way radio communication and clearances are required. The main route that we teach begins at the Isle of Dogs (Canary Wharf) and follows the River Thames to Battersea in West London – along this route you will see the majority of the London landmarks.

There are many different routes, radio frequencies, restrictions as well as defined altitudes that you must adhere to making it slightly more challenging than flying through normal controlled airspace. For this reason we recommend taking a few lessons with one of our instructors so that you can gain the confidence and experience to safely conduct the flight on your own.
The number of lessons it takes varies depending on your experience and overall standard – please contact us if you would like to receive some training and we would be happy to assist you.