As the largest FBO facility on the airfield, Elstree Aviation Centre has long term hangarage available to accommodate all helicopter types from Robinson to Agusta, with appropriately qualified operations staff on hand for assistance and a variety of amenities to accompany your residency with us.

Hangarage Information

We have made a substantial investment in improving the quality of services available to visiting pilots and passengers with the goal of making Elstree the heliport of choice for passengers wanting easy access to London and surrounding areas.

All of our team are pilots and enthusiastic about aviation, so we welcome any visitors to show you what we can offer.

Our Amenities

By being based at Elstree Aerodrome, you will benefit from free landing fees which apply to any non-revenue flights arriving and departing the airfield.
The airfield also supports 24 hour operations at an additional cost.

We also include the following at no extra charge for all hangar residents:


  • Building and hangar card access for pilots and operational staff;
  • Pilot room with refreshments;
  • Flight planning room;
  • FBO facilities including transport to and from the helipads;
  • Passenger reception with drinks and light snacks;
  • Secure guest WiFi network;
  • Controlled access to the hangar for additional security.
  • Full CCTV system;
  • Member rates for meeting rooms, boardrooms and event rooms.
  • Member rates for our VIP Suite with lounge, boardroom, kitchen & chef (additional charges apply).

Book In

We have a direct link with Elstree Aerodrome Operations; if you need to pay a landing fee or provide PPR information then we can assist upon request.

All out of hours movements will incur an additional operational cost.

To set up a monthly contract, please get in touch with our team.