The MD520 is available for long term lease for those located in the UK.


The MD520N is a variant of the MD500 helicopter which was originally designed in the 1960s by Howard Hughes (Hughes Helicopters) for the US Army.

Building on the proven design of the MD500, the MD520 introduced a revolutionary design with its NOTAR (NO Tail Rotor) system, which was added in 1990, replacing the conventional tail rotor, to create a safer and extremely quiet aircraft. The MD520 is now used by law enforcement, training schools and for private ownership worldwide due to its low noise footprint and high reliability.

Our MD520 looks fresh in its recently-received coat of paint and we have added a number of avionics upgrades. The 5 bladed fully-articulated rotor system means the helicopter is incredibly smooth, very manoeuvrable and exciting to fly! It’s available with ICE Helicopters for hire and type ratings.

We have a variety of aircraft available for long term lease, ideal for flight schools needing an additional asset to their training fleet or commercial operators looking for a turbine helicopter.

Leasing with ICE couldn’t be easier – after you have met with our team to discuss your requirements, we will arrange a monthly agreement to suit your needs.

Please note we require a minimum of 25 hours per month for long-term lease contracts.


For short or long term dry-hire lease options, please get in touch.