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Trip of the Week: Weston-super-Mare Helicopter Museum

helicopter flying into the westland helicopter museum
Rotorheads, imagine if we were to tell you that there’s a whole museum full of interesting helicopters – and that you can fly into it by helicopter! It sounds too good to be true, but there really is such a place. It’s simply called The Helicopter Museum, and this self-described “world’s largest dedicated helicopter museum” can be found in a rather unlikely location: the seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare…

What to do while you’re there

Given its coastal location, it’s a lovely flight into the museum, which is located on the old Weston Aerodrome, now only a VRP.
Once you’re on the ground, take your time to look around this fascinating collection of over a hundred helicopters. You’ll find all sorts of interesting examples here, from miniscule home-built gyrocopters to gargantuan helicopters like the Super Frelon.
Credit: The Helicopter Museum
There’s G-LYNX, the machine that holds the world speed record for helicopters. There’s a Huey that saw action in Vietnam. There’s even the Queen’s Royal Flight. You can sit in some of them, and if there’s a volunteer around, be sure to ask them any questions you have – we found them an absolute mine of information.
There’s hot and cold food available on site (though at the time of writing there may only be cold food while the new visitor centre is being built), but you may also wish to bring up the Helipaddy app and select somewhere else to fly to for lunch while you’re in the area.

Planning your visit

The main thing to be aware of when flying into The Helicopter Museum is its close proximity to Bristol Airport. Bristol don’t want to hear from GA pilots, so don’t bother trying to get a basic service – just listen to Bristol Radar on 125.650 and use the listening squawk 5077 on your way in. Remain below 1,500ft to stay outside controlled airspace, and keep a close eye on your altitude when you’re orbiting and departing the site.
There are two helicopter landing areas at The Helicopter Museum, but the default one is marked with an H and it’s in the fenced area right next to the western side of the museum. You’ll easily spot it because it’s lined on one side by a row of helicopters that have, shall we say, seen better days.
The Museum has these notes for visiting pilots:
  • Avoid overflying the caravan park and village on SE boundary
  • A 2m fence surrounds the landing areas
  • Flags/windsock adjacent
We found it easiest to approach into the field next door and come over the fence at a high hover before dropping into the landing area.
There’s no landing fee – you just pay for entry to the museum for yourself and any passengers (it was £7.50 for adults and £4.50 for children when we went). According to the page for visiting pilots, you can land at the museum from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 4.30pm, but you might be able to arrange to land there at other times.
Call the museum on 01934 635227 to let them know when to expect you!

Our Route from Elstree

How to get to the helicopter museum from Elstree