Holders of a helicopter pilot licence obtained during military service (SERP or QMP) are entitled to credits towards a Part-FCL PPL(H).

The guidance below is current as of June 2021 and is not a substitute for the information contained within UK Regulation 1178-2011 or guidance provided in CAP804.

Credits for obtaining a UK PPL(H) based on a QMP(H) or SERP

Flying Experience Credits
SERPs or QMP(H)s with a minimum of 10 hours logged as PIC/P1 Capt or PICUS/1st Pilot Non-Capt are given full credit for the requirement to undergo a training course prior to undertaking the skill test for the issue of the PPL(H).

Applicants for the issue of a Part-FCL licence shall have fulfilled the experience requirements and prerequisites for the issue of a type rating as set out in Part-FCL Subpart H for the helicopter used for the test. The skill test will be examined by an FE(H), in:

  • a single pilot single-engine type of military helicopter on which the graduate completed the Single Engine Rotary Training Course, suitably equipped for the purpose, which has an EASA civilian equivalent type; or
  • an appropriate single pilot single-engine type of civilian helicopter for which the applicant has completed the Part-FCL requirements for inclusion of that type in a Part-FCL licence, except the type rating skill test. (e.g. Robinson R44, Cabri G2, etc)

Theoretical Knowledge Credits
SERPs or QMP(H)s are credited the requirement to complete a theoretical knowledge instruction course as set out in FCL.210, prior to attempting the theoretical knowledge examination for the PPL(H).

PPL(H) theoretical knowledge exams can be taken at our exam centre at Elstree Aerodrome. We would recommend undertaking some refresher sessions with our dedicated Ground School team who can re-familiarise you with the content of the PPL theory exams.

Training Process

The full training requirement per candidate will be evaluated on an individual basis following an assessment flight with one of our instructors. The subsequent training plan developed will usually be no less than what is required for an initial type rating course on either our R22, R44, R66 or Cabri G2. We will ensure you are proficient on the type that you have chosen to fly and fully prepare you for the PPL(H) skill test.

Once you have completed your Theoretical Knowledge exams, you will then be put forward for the PPL(H) flight test with one of our examiners.

You are required to provide confirmation of your military experience to obtain the credits towards your training, using form SRG2133.

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