To fly different kinds of helicopter, you require a ‘type rating’ for each specific type on your licence. In order to keep your type rating valid you must also complete a ‘proficiency check’ (PC) each year with an examiner.

The Robinson R22 is the world’s most popular training helicopter due to its outstanding reliability, superior performance, exceptional value and low maintenance – it is trusted by helicopter schools throughout the world and was designed with simplicity in mind.

Helicopter Details

Maximum Speed: 102kt
Cruise Speed: 75kt
Max Take-Off Weight: 1370lbs
Engine: Lycoming O-360

Course Details

The type rating is usually conducted on a full-time basis and must be completed within 6 months of starting your training. After completing the course, there is a practical flying test with a CAA approved examiner to assess your competence at handling the aircraft.

Your instructor will ensure that you complete all the required flight training. Our objective is simple – to ensure that you are ready to fly the new helicopter type safely and with confidence.

Duration: 5 hours
Knowledge Exam: None

Regulatory Information: R22 EASA OSD