To fly different kinds of helicopter, you require a ‘type rating’ for each specific type on your licence. In order to keep your type rating valid you must also complete a ‘proficiency check’ (PC) each year with an examiner.

Fitted with the very latest G500H 10.6” TXi touch screen MFD/PFD and the all new GTN750 coupled to a 2-axis HeliSAS autopilot & stabilisation system, the helicopter boasts comfort throughout all stages of flight for both pilots and passengers. It is also equipped with an additional long range auxiliary tank, making trips from London to Scotland possible without a fuel stop on the way!

Helicopter Details

Maximum Speed: 130 – 140kt
Cruise Speed: 120kt
Max Take-Off Weight: 2700lbs
Engine: Rolls-Royce 300 (Allison 250-C300)

Course Details

The type rating is usually conducted on a full-time basis and must be completed within 6 months of starting your training. After completing the course, there is a practical flying test with a CAA approved examiner to assess your competence at handling the aircraft.

Your instructor will ensure that you complete all the required flight training. Our objective is simple – to ensure that you are ready to fly the new helicopter type safely and with confidence.

If you do not already hold a turbine rating, you will also be required to undergo a turbine engine theory course which we also conduct in-house.

Initial Turbine: 5 hours
Additional Turbine (without R22/R44 rating): 4 hours
Additional Turbine (with R22/R44 rating): 3 hours
Knowledge Exam: 50 question multiple choice examination

Regulatory Information: EASA R66 OSD