With the Government looking set to announce the plan to bring us out of lockdown, now is the time to get ahead of the program and get your plans in place for a return to work – social distance style. If dealt with sensibly we can transition safely into a new ‘normal’.

Here at Elstree Aviation Centre we are fortunate to have multiple working areas over 3 floors;  as well as independent office spaces to let with separate access which enable social distance working. After weeks of isolation what better way to get back to work, together but apart! In the main building we even have 4 stunning glass offices to let, allowing individual office space, but with ease of communication with your colleagues!

Many of us will have had a chance to re-evaluate our lifestyles during lockdown. You may have decided that you need to find a better life/work balance or may be feeling highly motivated after a break; but most likely you will be desperate for the camaraderie that makes working so pleasurable.  Here at Elstree you can have the tranquility of the Hertfordshire countryside, or you can venture into the Aerodrome to the ‘buzzy’ community there; from the ‘View Point’ at the Elstree Aviation Centre you can watch the planes and helicopters come and go, giving you a sense of freedom and possibility.

When life returns to what we had previously considered to be normal, you will have the joys of working in such a unique environment, side by side with the excitement of some very shiny, smart helicopters and equally brilliant Pilots! We are lucky to have the ‘Ikaron’ cafe at the airfield, so not only can you tuck into some delicious food, but you can meet the friendly airfield faithful, from Ground Crew to Pilots, private owners to the skilled maintenance team.

At Elstree Aviation Centre we have plethora of space to suit everyone’s working needs, from the lone worker to a team of up to 20! With a flexible working space you can have break out rooms for board meetings and conferenceing should you need it, or you could even make use of the incredible penthouse suite! We have lounge areas, kitchens and even shower rooms, all furnished to a high spec; rooms can be rented by the hour, month and year.

So what better way to reboot and start afresh, than by joining us at our fantastic venue!

For all enquiries or a virtual tour, drop us a line at offices@ice.co.uk.

We look forward to meeting you!