ICE Helicopters   ·   Aug 19   ·   5 min read

ICE Helicopters Are Expanding the Fleet: Welcoming the Cabri G2!

We’re pleased to announce the addition of a Cabri G2 to our expanding helicopter training fleet!

Offering helicopter training from our Elstree Aerodrome base, ICE Helicopters will now be conducting flight instruction in our recently acquired, French-built Guimbal Cabri G2. Having seen positive results around the UK, ICE has committed to enhance its training packages by offering clients this modern & cost effective helicopter.

Designed by ex-Eurocopter engineers, the Cabri G2 is much quieter to operate than other 2 seat piston helicopters – an excellent feature for a helicopter operating in the noise-sensitive area of Hertfordshire! The Cabri offers pilots the opportunity to fly a semi-articulated helicopter, use a centered cyclic and also a fenestron tail rotor.

Safety enhancements are a huge part of the Cabri’s 21st Century design as it encorporates a rotor system with much higher inertia than any predecessors; not many people know that “CABRI” stands for Comfort in Autorotation Better with Rotor Inertia, something that is important for helicopter pilots.

It will be a wonderful addition to the fleet that will give our students the opportunity to become familiar with different operating systems at an economic price.

Looking forward, ICE Helicopters plan to add more helicopters to our fleet to meet the demand of local training needs.