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Update to Part-FCL: November 2019

image of easa flight crew ops part fcl book

We wanted to let you know of a few important updates to Part-FCL (EASA Flight Crew Licensing) that came into effect on 11th November which relates to the training that ICE Helicopters provides.

image of easa flight crew ops part fcl book

A large part of the amendment is to officially implement DTOs in the regulations, but some other important things have been stuck in there too which is important for all helicopter students & pilots taking lessons.

The two main important things for our current and future helicopter pilots to be aware of are explained below.



This has been amended so that the 6 sitting rule only applies for ATPL/CPL/IR theoretical knowledge exams. No requirement anymore for PPL, although the exams will still need to be completed within 18 months and a maximum of 4 attempts per exams.


This includes the requirement to complete a night rating within 6 months, starting from the date of the 1st training flight, unless the student had started before 11th November in which case the CAA will accept their course up to 31st March 2020.

We don’t see the latter being too much of an issue, especially as we only really get around 6 solid months of night flying anyway without staying up far too late to be flying!

In other news, we are also submitting an application for our MD520N type rating course which will soon be available for continuation training! We also want to advise anyone who uses Part-Aero (a great reference tool), that it’s now quite far out of date but hopefully has an update coming soon.

See more below regarding the regulation update: